10 anys. Teatre Romea

Focus Audiovisual production


In 1999 the Romea Theatre started a new era under Focus’ management. The opening of the season 2009/2010 began with a celebration of the 10th anniversary of this management, and Focus Audiovisual presented an edited version of all the plays that had been produced at the theatre with greetings via webcam from the directors of the plays to come. A whole passions, humor and humanity range.

“Ten years programming the Romea Theatre allows us to value its career as it deserves. And I sincerely believe we might value it positively and congratulate Focus. Because Romea’s path it’s a dedicated one, one of a varied and intelligent program, based on creativity and talent. A nice work correctly developed by teams winsomely managed, on the business and on the artistic sense.”


José Montilla
President of the Generalitat de Catalunya


“At the Romea Theatre, Focus’ team as well as a huge amount of directors, actors and actresses, experts and technicians, have walked a long, magical and exultant way through transgression, thinking, provocation and entertainment, always seeking a utopian artistic excellence.”


Daniel Martínez de Obregón
President of the Focus Group



Camera and editor: JOEL CORTÉS