A production of Focus, Mola Produccions, Bitò Produccions and VerteatroIn our civilized world, when you need money you go to the bank and ask for a credit. If not grant you come home, crestfallen, thinking that things are really bad, that times have changed, the credit does not flow … But maybe not today. Perhaps today, when you deny credit you will not go home with his tail between his legs like a lamb. Maybe today you will look to the director of the office to the eyes, thou shalt put the cards on the table and tell him that today you have the pan by the handle and that if he doesn’t give you the money you think take forceful measures, measures really powerful.
Anything violent, oh my God, not that, but today, if the director does not release the you will start pasta, a definitive action that will turn your life into a catastrophe.


Marc, alone. My friend Sergi has bought a painting. It is a… fabric, more or less, one meter by one meter sixty twenty, painted white. The background is white and if half close your eyes, you can glimpse a pinstripe, transverse, white.
Sergi is a friend of long ago. It is a kid who has triumphed, it is dermatologist and art lover. Last Monday I went to see the table Sergi had bought the Saturday before, a painting for months chasing. A white box, with white stripes.


Screen play: Pere Arquillué and Paco Amate
Director: César Martínez
Cinematographer: Paco Amate
Producer: Gemma Aloy
Film editing and camera: Dani Pérez