Arts i oficis

A production of the Televisió de Catalunya to cooperation by Focus AudiovisualSYNOPSIS:
A professional consecrated and an emerging world culture transmit their knowledge and experience to a young man who is finishing his training in the same sector as such professionals. During this process, the viewer will know the working methodology of big names of Catalan culture and observe the evolution of the young apprentice
Also, the processes required to join professionally reference sector and centers that form.


Screen play: Lau Delgado and Pere Roca
Director: Lau Delgado season 1) and Pere Roca (season 2)
Executive producer: Xavier Marcè and Pere Roca
Original music: Julián Kancepolsky
Production director: Yolanda Gómez
Tv director and Film editing: Marcos Ruiz
Sound designer and Sound mixer: Juan Carlos Pérez Prado, Juan Segura
Assistant of production: Rosa Montes
Runner: Víctor Pescador, Andres Gargallo