Nothing will be as before

A co-production of Focus Audiovisual and Television of Catalunya in collaboration with ICECTwo houses, a small business, a nursery school, a city and a hotel serve to creat a miscrocosm. Nothing Will Be as Before is virtually a “mockumentary” about two couples who are as they are, with their desires and their contradictions.

A story that speaks of everything and of nothing: of what we want to happen yer never comes to be, of what we don’t want yet comes anyway, of our secrets, of our fear of growing up and naturally, of an occasional betrayal. Two couples who meet each other.


Screen play: Carol López and Helena López
Director: Carol López
Executive producer: Pere Roca and Xavier Marcè
Cinematographer: Pol Turrents
Original music: Jordi Prat
Film editing: Frank Gutierrez
Production director: Gloria Casanova
Sound mixer: Ernest Peral