Actius - Focus Audiovisual


Coproduction of XAL with FOCUS AUDIOVISUALS (65 x 5’ + 13 x 25’) ACTIUS is a documentary program that tries to put in value the cultural assets of the different populations of Catalonia. The program offers in the course of 5 minutes a rapid vision of w

Poètiques de resistència, somnis de llibertat - Focus Audiovisual

Poètiques de resistència, somnis de llibertat

Production of Focus Audiovisual for the Democratic Memorial of the Generalitat de Catalunya   Audiovisual editing of the commemorative event held to the Democratic Memorial in honor of men and women who fought against the Franquist Regime, for dem

10 anys. Teatre Romea - Focus Audiovisual

10 anys. Teatre Romea

Focus Audiovisual production   In 1999 the Romea Theatre started a new era under Focus’ management. The opening of the season 2009/2010 began with a celebration of the 10th anniversary of this management, and Focus Audiovisual presented an edited

La Ruïna - Focus Audiovisual

La Ruïna

Coproduction TVC – Focus Audiovisual and Escándalo Films. 2008   ‘La Ruïna’ is an adaptation for television from the theatre production equally named. In the original work, seven characters live a supernatural experience in a dining room of an old

Centros en red - Focus Audiovisual

Centros en red

A coproduction of TVE and Focus Audiovisual for the Channel. 2009-2010   A program conceived to show and disseminate the activity of the cultural centers that exist all around Spain and to deeply analyze, based in representative opinio

1980. 29 anys de televisió local a Catalunya - Focus Audiovisual

1980. 29 anys de televisió local a Catalunya

A Focus Audiovisual production for the Local Televisions Net (XAL). (6 x 15’ + document batches from the main characters)   Program that reviews through different subjects the birth and developing of the local television in Catalonia explained by

L'aprenent de pilot - Focus Audiovisual

L’aprenent de pilot

A coproduction of Televisió de Catalunya and Focus Audiovisual with the partnership of Institut Ramon Llull. 2009-2010 Television program organized in monographic chapters about Catalan artists that develop the biggest amount of their activity outside