Rovira-Beleta: Pending chronicle

A production of Corporación Radiotelevisión Española S.A.U, Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, S.A, Focus Audiovisual and Ovideo TVSYNOPSIS:

Francisco Rovira-Beleta was one of the most influential Spanish filmmakers of the second half of the twentieth century. In life, he received all kinds of accolades, but since he died, his figure has become blurred in the country’s collective memory and even in that of his own family.

As a result of the preparations for an exhibition, Rovira Beleta’s grandaughter, Lara, begins a journey in search of a long-lost treasure: the memory of his grandfather. A treasure hidden in the family’s photo albums, in their movies and in the corners of the minds of Rovira Beleta’s friends and family. The story culminates with the opening of the exhibition at the Catalan Film Archive.


Screen play: Lara Mateo and Àngel Colom
Director: Lara Mateo Rovira-Beleta
Executive producer: Xavier Mercè and Pere Roca
Production director: Yolanda Gómez
Cinematrographer: Ivan Guarnizo
Film editing: Ivan Guarnizo, Lara Mateo and Dani Pérez
Sound mixer: Anna Rajadell, Asier Sanchez and Oriol Bonals

Original music: Audio Network/Music Library SFX